The demons that possess us: wood betony and mental health

by: Stacie Wolfe, ND

In the darkest corners of the brain lurks a being capable of growing beyond the confines of the skull. Dormant it sits, waiting patiently for the exact moment that stress, anxiety and exhaustion render us susceptible. The whispers begin, a tiny voice planting doubt, convincing you that even the most minute of mistakes are enormous life failings. You crawl under the blankets, feet tucked in so perhaps that brain monster can?t get you, at least not all the way.

?Everything you do is pointless.?

?It will only ever get worse.?

?Your whole life is one giant mistake.?

There are many plants we can look toward to soothe our minds and emotional hearts. When sitting down to write this post, I felt drawn to write of wood betony (stachys officinalis). Being Halloween, it?s long history of use for the treatment of demon possession and bewitchment sealed the deal. Where the unstable mind has spun loose and taken control is where this plant shines. It is a strong grounding plant, evident in the very nature of how it takes space in the dirt. Before it grows upward and outward, it digs deeply, creating a strong footing in the earth before blossoming with its numerous tiny petals. We can think of its medicinal properties in the same light. It grounds us to allow us to burst forth in our myriad of talents and purposes.

The use of herbs, such as wood betony, in the treatment of mental health concerns can be powerful guides on the path toward healing. However, it is important to recognize the limitations of plants alone. Mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder are often best approached with a combination of counseling, community support, nutrition, and either an herbal or pharmaceutical medication. There is no one best way to address these conditions. We are all unique and dynamic creatures, and the key to our stable health may not look the same as the next person.

If you feel that your small little creature being has begun wreaking havoc on your wellbeing, please know that we are here for you. You don?t have to ride this out, and you don?t have to go through this alone. Let us help you discover the best tools to be your best self.

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