Introducing Doctor Bob

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Bob Graybill. Many of you have spoken with me over the phone or at the clinic. I may even have helped Doctor Hart with your visit or performed some physical medicine during your appointment. Currently I am working to transition from this role to being a full time second doctor in the clinic. It is in that fashion that I want to reintroduce myself.

I am a Naturopathic Doctor with a master?s degree in medical research. In the eons before medical school I complete bachelor?s degrees in History and Political Science and a Minor in Women?s studies. As I ventured into the world with these degrees I realized more and more that I didn?t want to just tell and describe how things worked but wanted to get hands on with helping people

Fast forward to now. I am a licensed ND with a rapidly growing almost-kindergarten-aged daughter. I hope to offer Family Medicine and Naturopathic Primary care. Beyond primary care, I have spent extra energy and time developing expertise in Naturopathically treating GI issues like IBS and SIBO and connective tissue issues such as Marfan Syndrome and EDS.


Research: I completed my thesis studying the Food As Medicine Everyday classes taught around town and at the National University of Natural Medicine. My goal was to assess how participant?s motivations, barriers, and behaviors changed in relation to the class. I also was a coauthor on a soon to be published study focusing on changes to biological measures in the same study. I have also written a few review articles on SIBO treatment and have spoken about the connection between GI issues and connective tissue for the Oregon Ehlers Danlos Foundation. I hope to help Vitality NW become a leader in clinical research through case studies and series in the years that come!

Family Medicine:

I believe that seeing families is the most important and rewarding part of medicine. Dr. Hart and I believe that being involved in the care of not only children, but also care givers (in whatever for they come in) can allow for true holistic care, while still respecting boundaries and confidentiality between individuals. I hope to encourage more men to come into Vitality to receive their health care along with their partners and children. Dr. Hart and I will work together to provide your whole family care if you end up having visits with both of us.

I hope to bring in some more male and male identifying caregivers in as patients as they tend to forego care.

Gastrointestinal issues:

Throughout my education I worked closely with Dr. Sandberg-Lewis, an expert in Naturopathic Gastroenterology and have developed a passion for helping people find relief for their chronic GI issues including IBS and SIBO. Food is an exceptionally important part of our day-to-day lives. I hope to help patients be able to comfortably share meals with their families and friends through a wide range of approaches including herbs, physical medicine, nutritional supplements, and mind body work. Most importantly, I believe it is important to respect a patient?s story and where they are in life. The same

treatments don?t work for everyone, so my goal when treating GI issues is to match treatments to the patient?s lifestyle and personal goals.

Connective Tissue Disorders:

Due to having a family with Marfan Syndrome, I have spent significant time researching and looking for holistic approaches to connective tissue disorders. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Marfan Syndrome impact a significant portion of the population with diagnosis or whole-body care. In my family, I have noticed that care for Marfan syndrome is exceptionally segmented. A cardiologist keeps you alive and your heart healthy, but the management for pain, depression, mobility, digestive, and other assorted issues is limited. I hope to address each patient as an individual, keeping them safe and working with specialist, but also maintaining the space to help them be more than safe but thrive.

Final Thoughts:

At one point I was considering opening my own practice and the two practice names that I kept going to were Superhero Medicine and Shine. It?s my goal to help you be your own superhero, your kids? superhero and your partners? superhero by helping you achieve your best health. I want your family to shine and be vital even through the hardest times.

You can schedule with me by calling 503-344-1345. At the time of this posting, I am in network with a few insurances, including CareOregon, and can see patients through cash pay. More insurances will be accepted soon!