A New Year, A New Round of Annual Exams

by Stacie Wolfe, ND

rewyzquwaqy-jonathan-pendletonYou know you are supposed to go to the doctor at least once yearly, but that doesn’t always happen. You feel great, why bother going ALL THE WAY OVER THERE just to be told you are healthy as a horse? What is involved in an annual?health check anyway? Aren’t those for kids and people your parent’s age?

The annual wellness exam is a way to make sure you are doing as great as you think you are and a phenomenal way to catch any health issues before they become problematic. This is the time to get any routine blood work and immunizations, as well as a head-to-toe physical exam. It is also a great opportunity to check in with your healthcare provider about your emotional well being. At each age, we have different things we should be checking up on and these can be a little daunting to try to keep track of. Because we love you and want your wellness care to be a treat instead of a chore, we have crafted some handy charts for you to download that break this all down.

From PAP timelines to testicular cancer screenings, diabetes testing to bone density scans, these charts have you covered. Ready to schedule a wellness exam for you or your child? Call us at 503-344-1345 or schedule online.

Adult Health Screening Guidelines

Pediatric Health Screening Guidelines