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5 resolutions for a healthier new year!

The ringing in of the New Year is traditionally a time for resolutions and change. We at Vitality NW are 100% on board with commitment and change but want to remind you to make sure those changes are healthy and fulfilling. This year, we recommend making resolutions to do things that are enjoyable and nurturing to you instead of stressful and difficult. So here, in no particular order are some ideas for New Years Resolutions that can improve your health, mental and physical, without adding too much to this chaotic life. 1. PLAY MORE! Get outside and sing in the rain until the sun comes out. Go to the woods and play Robin Hood with the kids or your adult friends. We don’t judge and may...

November 7th, 2016. Election Day Eve.

by: Alicia Hart, ND There is possibly only one thing that everyone in the country can agree on about this whole dumpster fire of an election season: This entire election season has been so stressful. Acute stress can be useful. Sympathetic nervous system changes our physiology in a number of ways. Our blood moves away from our digestive system and fills our muscles with oxygen and tension so that we can run. Visual motion tracking improves though acuity decreases, heart rate and blood pressure go up, our adrenal glands dump adrenaline and cortisol into our circulation, immune system initially tones down inflammation- everything you need to respond to a situation where you might need to run from tigers. Chronic stress isn’t as useful. Chronic high blood pressure doesn’t help...

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