Men's Health

Men's Healthcare in greater Portland

Vitality also treats men. Almost all research shows that men under use health care to their detriment. Boys are brought into the clinic for treatment less often than girls. Learn more about how vitality can help men and boys.

Vitality supports a robust healthcare regime for men. It is sometimes hard for men to  maintain good habits and treat chronic and acute illness in a timely manner in a medical and societal system that often views going to the doctor as a feminine practice. This an untruth and a disservice to men everywhere. At vitality we offer the same care for men that we offer women: Compassionate individualized healthcare, individualized to help meet you where you are in your life using our vast Naturopathic Toolbox.

Mental Health:  Men of all ages can have issues with mental health. Masculinity often encourages them to keep it quiet when bringing this information to the doctor may greatly benefit their life.

Screening:  We can perform all of the screening for health issues that affect men in a comfortable and non-judgemental atmosphere including STI, blood sugar, prostate, and testosterone screening.

Physical Medicine:  Dr. Bob has some specific training in physical medicine, using his hands to perform soft tissue work and manipulation coupled with other treatments to help with pain and movement restrictions.

Low Energy:  Many men come in complaining of low energy. Our goal is to find a root cause for this low energy, whether it be thyroid related, blood sugar related, stress related or due to something else entirely. There’s no one size fits all treatment for energy and if you come to Vitality we will take the time to get

Home Stress:  When treating families, understanding the home dynamic is incredibly important. Often this aspect of health care can be left out when treating men. In our visits, there will be time and space to discuss issues at home and to brainstorm solutions.

Sexual Health:  We can help patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction by finding the root cause and addressing it through the use of herbs, supplements, and sometimes medication. We also test and treat sexually transmitted diseases.

Everything else:  Vitality handles chronic disease and acute conditions. If something requires specialists, we will work on referrals, labs, and imaging to ensure you are getting the best health care we can provide.