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Hydrotherapy is an ancient therapy which uses your body’s system of blood vessel dilation and contraction to help bring more blood flow through your lymph tissue. This helps
  • Accelerate healing
  • Decrease fatigue
  • Reduce muscle fatigue and pain
  • Lessen your stress
  • Improve circulation
  • Mends digestion
  • Balance your nervous system

While there are many forms of hydrotherapy, or water cure, Vitality NW currently offers the following:

  • Hot fomentation: This method uses heat to induce sweating, alternated with a friction rub with a cold cloth in between hot applications. This is useful in treatment of muscle pain, insomnia, chest colds, and reducing inflammation.
  • Constitutional hydrotherapy: This method utilizes the application of alternating hot and cold packs to the chest and back. Many clinics will also use a sine wave machine in this therapy, but Vitality NW currently does not do so. This method of hydrotherapy is generally used to boost the immune system. It is also useful in the treatment of digestive tract complaints, respiratory infections and disorders, cold and flu, and circulatory system issues.
  • Wet sheet packs: This treatment is a full body wrap in a cold sheet. Your body is then wrapped in warm, dry blankets and you remain laying while your body warms and dries the inner sheet. This treatment is incredibly calming and is used to treat a number of complaints depending on the duration of the therapy. Some health complaints that are addressed with this method include fever, depression and anxiety, digestive disorders, cold and flu, addiction, and environmental toxicity.
  • Dry Sauna: This is perhaps one of the most familiar forms of hydrotherapy. This treatment consists of a 30 minute session in our dry sauna to induce sweating, followed by a cold mitten friction treatment which helps bring the core temperature back down and to stimulate the immune system. Sauna is an effective therapy for cold and flu, environmental toxicity, general detoxification, insomnia, congestion, and headaches.

Hydrotherapy treatments are generally well tolerated, but individuals with nerve damage, certain heart conditions, or active cancers may not be good candidates for these treatments. If you are unsure of whether your health status, please schedule an appointment for routine lab testing and a wellness exam prior to scheduling a hydrotherapy appointment.

Prices for treatment:
$60 for one treatment or $300 for 10 treatments
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