Vitality NW offers B vitamin injections!

B vitamins can be a bit of a diva- they need specific food sources, fussy pH levels, and just the right protein carriers to get in to your blood system. On top of that, the forms that you usually find in foods need your body to add a chemical compound called a methyl group so that they can become active. The enzyme that does that is mutated and inactivated in 1 in 10 people through a genetic mix up. That means that a ton of people are walking around with suboptimal B12, B6, and Folate levels.

You pboy-828850_1920robably have heard that folate is important for pregnant women, but all of those vitamins have a very important function in metabolic pathways, which provide energy and make all sorts of things all over your body. Some of the first pathways that get a little backed up from deficient B vitamins are the pathways that make your neurotransmitters. Low B12 can look like depression, memory loss, brain fog, and low energy. If B vitamin levels get low enough, your cells aren’t able to divide like they’re supposed to, and you get gargantuan sized cells which is called “macrocytic anemia”. Chronic low B12 is also implicated in increased heart disease, infertility, and dementia.

Because B vitamins can be hard to get in dietarily (B12 is not available in food for a vegan or vegetarian diet) and then can be somewhat fussy to absorb due to gastrointestinal health or medication interference.

The shot goes into the muscle, and then straight into the blood stream. We use active forms of the B vitamins so that if you have genetic MTHFR mutations, you can still use the vitamins right away.

Why get a B vitamin shot?

* You’re vegan or vegetarian and don?t want to supplement B vitamins every day

* You have depression or anxiety and want to improve your neurotransmitter pathway

* You’re more fatigued than normal and think your diet is the cause

* You’re more stressed than usual and need a little metabolic boost to get to the other side.

* You’ve been deficient in B vitamins for a while due to digestive?or other dietary factors and you need to build up your body stores.

B vitamins are water soluble so if your body has enough, it will let go of what it doesn?t need. While the rare individual might get a bit of insomnia with a B shot, generally improved energy, mood, and sleep follow administration.