Dr. Bob Graybill, Physician

Dr. Bob graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine and a masters of science in integrative medicine research, for which his thesis focused on the impact of community-based nutrition education. During school he completed a 3 year clinical internship with focus on family medicine and gastrointestinal health. He writes for the Marfan foundation and has spoken for the Ehlers Danlos Society on the impact of connective tissue disorders on gastrointestinal function. He has particular interests in functional gastro issues like SIBO and IBS, as well as connective tissue disorders, mental health, and convincing dads that they are also people who need health care. Dr. Bob currently splits his time between Vitality and being the on site clinician for Laika Animations.  

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Bob is an active member of the Portland community. You might find him assisting in his kid’s classroom, teaching classes, supporting his wife in her work of helping minority small business owners, in the crowd at a local punk rock or ska show, cheering on his daughter at a theater performance, getting the newest comic at the game store, or living his introvert dream life of staying home. He is an avid reader and writer of poetry, a connoisseur of professional wrestling events, and an accomplished nerd.