5 resolutions for a healthier new year!

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The ringing in of the New Year is traditionally a time for resolutions and change. We at Vitality NW are 100% on board with commitment and change but want to remind you to make sure those changes are healthy and fulfilling. This year, we recommend making resolutions to do things that are enjoyable and nurturing to you instead of stressful and difficult. So here, in no particular order are some ideas for New Years Resolutions that can improve your health, mental and physical, without adding too much to this chaotic life.

1. PLAY MORE! Get outside and sing in the rain until the sun comes out. Go to the woods and play Robin Hood with the kids or your adult friends. We don?t judge and may join you. Throw a ball, ride a bike, or engage in a heated game of Calvinball!

2. CREATE! Arts! Crafts! Writing! Singing! Legos! It doesn?t matter what you make or how ?good? it is. Creation in itself is important. There is overwhelming evidence that both making and consuming various types of art is amazing for your health. Whether it?s knitting, singing, or painting, create for creations sake and not for the Pinterest picture. If you want to see some of this research, a huge list is available here from the National Endowment for the Arts.

3. LEARN! We have the complete knowledge of the world available to us between phones, computers, libraries, and random strangers. Make it a point to learn about something this year. Maybe it?s a language, something for your job, or maybe you just want to know the real history of the Wild Wild West. The important thing is exercising your brain. Reading and learning are great for your mental health and brain function (as well as making you better at pub trivia and more interesting to talk to).

4. MOVE! Movement is important. Exercise is as simple as moving your body in a way you enjoy. Plus you get bonus health points if you can get outside in nature. Take a walk on one of the great trails in the Pacific NW or just around your block. Ride your bike! Dance like no body is watching! Take a ninja fitness class! Movement improves everything from heart health to mental health, so get out and have fun.

5. REST! Speaking from our own experience, we do not put as much importance on rest and recovery as we do pushing forward and getting stuff done. It?s important to listen to our bodies and to rest when we are tired. Commit to creating a new sleep routine or a weekly (or semiweekly nap). Try out meditation or floating. When we are resting our body?s have the chance to heal- and our brains reset and recover from life?s constant barrage.

In conclusion, we want you to have a great 2018 and are here to help you find your healthiest self.? Life can be difficult, and we are thankful for the great opportunity to provide care and help when you come to the office.

Here?s to Auld Lang Syne,

May the Force be with You and Odds be Ever in Your Favor,

Bob and Alicia