How do I know if I need pelvic floor physical therapy?

Patient story time: Once upon a time there was a woman who came in with a history of urinary incontinence from early childhood and continuing, worsened by the surgical birth of her first child. She had lived with shame and extra changes of clothes for years, and all that ever came of telling doctors was that she would just ?have to live with it?.

pretty much yeah. #selfcare

That?s not a terribly empowering thing to hear, so she kept searching. Along the way she found out that 90 % of women who deliver vaginally and 75% of women who deliver via cesarean had a problem called a ?cystocele? which means that the bladder has fallen out of alignment and is hanging into the vagina a little bit. France has a whole 8 week pelvic floor physical therapy system for every birth to prevent problems like urinary incontinence and the sexual dysfunction like painful sex or lack of libido that can come with that structural change. Here in the United States, we don?t take care of postpartum women adequately so this woman had to find out that this type of therapy existed a year after her first child and pursue it on her own.

Learning on her own brought her to studies like this, which show that everyone understands that pregnancy and other chronic health conditions impact the pelvic floor function, and this?,?which shows that scientists have understood that pelvic floor PT is an integral part of treating pain with sex and loss of libido, and this, which talks about how adverse childhood experiences are often correlated with nonrelaxing pelvic floor dysfunction; all of which brought her basically to a blind fury that none of the care providers who had worked with her knew any of these things, and that her problems were fixable but she was finding out the cure about 2 decades after she needed it.

TMI time: that patient was me.

And in my mission to never let anyone else fall through the cracks, I went and got trained in how to fix these problems. The United States is woefully behind in providing evidence based care- but Vitality is not about that system. Let?s fully take care of you so that you can release the limitations on your freedom at comedy shows, on a trampoline, in bed- you deserve to have a sensuous, functioning, and thriving pelvic bowl.

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