Clinic FAQs: 7 things to know about being a patient at Vitality NW.

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Here’s some stuff we’d love for everyone to know about being here.

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  • You can call the office at 503-344-1345 or schedule online at
  • Calls, emails, and online scheduling are returned in order of medical priority.
  • New patient visits are 90 minutes long. Follow ups are generally 45 minutes. Please let us know if you have a time constraint that requires a quick visit, or if you’re particularly worried about an exam due to past trauma or discomfort and may need more time.
  • I can combine family visits for some amalgamation of those times, but kids do get a bit restless after the second hour in the office.
  • I am not worried about your menstrual cycle or your cold. Please come in, we will help you feel better.
  • I am not worried that your kid(s) are with you. I have done holistic pelvic care while rocking a car seat and playing daniel tiger on my laptop, I have worn a baby while sewing up someone?s scalp, and they?re very unlikely to be as loud as my own horde of children.
  • We will need to reschedule your appointment if you are 15 minutes or more late.
    Sometimes the physicians are running 15 minutes late, though! Yes. Sometimes we do, and I promise that the day that you need the extra time, we will also give it to you. We try our best to be timely and to respect your time while also being compassionate and providing top quality care.
  • All appointments require 24 hours of notice to cancel, or we will bill our no-show fee.
  • We do offer house calls. Insurance does not cover that. Please inquire for rate and availability

Hour Changes:

  • We follow Portland Public Schools (Tigard) for closures due to inclement weather and occasional banking holidays.
  • Occasionally we have dinner meetings or children?s playschool auctions or tea parties and such to attend with our children. We will let you know via the Vitality NW facebook page if we?re gallivanting around during business hours.

Clinic News:

  • We try to put out a newsletter at least once a month
  • We?re also pretty active on facebook (VitalityNW) and on Instagram (@vitalitynw)

On-Call Docs:

  • In the event that you need after hours care, call the office at 503-344-1345, Press #2 and you will be directed to the on call phone. There is always a doctor on call.
  • Teens, we really mean it when we ask you to call us if you are at a party and don?t feel safe calling your parents. Never get in the car with someone who has been drinking or doing drugs.

Medicinary Items:

  • During normal business hours you can buy tea, elderberries, other herbs, refills of your tinctures, and other on hand supplements at any time.
  • You also have access to , where you can order other supplements that we may not keep on hand. Fullscript carries everything- if you?d like a specific recommendation, please ask. We do have pretty big opinions on things like what kind of vitamin D is good, etc.
  • Our vitamins (multivitamins: daily essentials, prenatals, DNA miracles plus childrens multivitamin, magnesium, and turn down) can be obtained through


  • We love questions. Want to know something? Call us at 503-344-1345. Or email us at

Running into you in public:

  • We are active community members, and Portland is a small town sometimes. Someday we will run into you at the park, a meeting, an event. At that time we will not initiate contact- though we are happy to return pleasantries if you want to talk to us. We understand that not everyone is comfortable explaining to family members or friends how or why you know us, or that maybe you just want to finish your grocery shopping.
  • That said, even if you initiate the conversation we are totally not looking at that rash in the New Season?s check out line. You deserve a better workup- you know, the office one. We?ll get out the magnifier light and everything.
  • We are also active on social media personally. We do not accept friend requests or follow requests on our personal accounts, and we cannot respond to requests for health advise over facebook, etc. HIPAA will haunt us and fine us exorbitant amounts of money for responding to that type of request.