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Introducing Doctor Bob

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Bob Graybill. Many of you have spoken with me over the phone or at the clinic. I may even have helped Doctor Hart with your visit or performed some physical medicine during your appointment. Currently I am working to transition from this role to being a full time second doctor in the clinic. It is in that fashion that I want to reintroduce myself. I am a Naturopathic Doctor with a master’s degree in medical research. In the eons before medical school I complete bachelor’s degrees in History and Political Science and a Minor in Women’s studies. As I ventured into the world with these degrees I realized more and more that I didn’t want to just tell...

5 resolutions for a healthier new year!

The ringing in of the New Year is traditionally a time for resolutions and change. We at Vitality NW are 100% on board with commitment and change but want to remind you to make sure those changes are healthy and fulfilling. This year, we recommend making resolutions to do things that are enjoyable and nurturing to you instead of stressful and difficult. So here, in no particular order are some ideas for New Years Resolutions that can improve your health, mental and physical, without adding too much to this chaotic life. 1. PLAY MORE! Get outside and sing in the rain until the sun comes out. Go to the woods and play Robin Hood with the kids or your adult friends. We don’t judge and may...

Spring 2017 Newsletter

OK y'all, here we go! Spring newsletter is here and inside you'll find: State of the Clinic (what's new, all of our hour updates, our social media tags- basically everything you need to know.) Seasonal spring recipes Herbal Spotlight (spoiler, it's Dandelion) Bookshelf spotlight from Adrienne What is Holistic Pelvic Care (TM) ? 5 Ways to get kids to take herbs Doctor's Note Spring discount offer I went a little overboard on creating it, so the file was too big for the website to upload at once. Solved that with two links! Happy Spring (1) Happy Spring (2) I hope that you'll click through and find a lot of value from this. Make sure you sign up to get our next newsletter, straight to your inbox!...

Now Accepting New Patients

At five years old, I told my parents that I wanted to be a doctor, and despite some detours (music, zoology, event and party planning), I never grew out of it. There is nothing else in the world I could possibly do but be a doctor. After an internship focused on family medicine, midwifery, and pediatrics, I dreamed of changing the status quo of primary care. I wanted to find a way to have longer appointments, less rush- a family friendly space that could truly make a difference in the lives of the people who come through the doors. Fortunately, I was given an opportunity to make that space a reality. Vitality Natural Medicine is now a real clinic, opening in the SW metro area...


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