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Mastitis: What Causes It and How Do I Resolve It?

by: Adrienne Koznek, IBCLC Mastitis is the term for a breast infection in all or part of the breast.  It more commonly occurs in one breast, usually as a result of a plugged duct (a blockage in the breast causing a hard, sometimes painful lump that doesn’t allow milk to flow).  Generally caused by staph infection, mastitis usually presents with the following symptoms: -hard, swollen, red, painful area in the breast; often streaky in appearance -flu-like symptoms: chills, malaise, achy joints -fever It’s important to note - especially with the onset of cold & flu season - that unless there are changes in the breast, these symptoms may not indicate mastitis. If you start to feel like you’re getting mastitis, it’s important to get to the root of the problem and...

Therapeutic Order: Why does it matter?

First year in naturopathic medical school is virtually identical to osteopathic medical school or conventional medical school, with mountains of books and anatomy lab and a big focus on how the body works. One thing that’s different between a naturopath, an osteopath, and a conventional doc is philosophy. An MD spends time focusing on specific problems that can go wrong in a person, while a DO spends time learning how to bring the body into alignment, as the body is an interrelated structure that has many parts influencing health. NDs have a slightly different focus. Drawing from the vitalistic focus that the body is always trying to do its best to remain in health, an ND spends time trying to understand the root cause of illness...

Calling All Expectant Parents!

Breastfeeding Prep Class by: Adrienne Koznek, IBCLC If you're an expectant parent, you're probably doing a lot to prepare for your baby.  In addition to all the laundry folding and book reading you're doing, you may want to consider attending a breastfeeding class.  Most mothers intend to breastfeed, and learning some of the basics about how to breastfeed and what to expect may be an important key to early breastfeeding success. Breastfeeding can sometimes seem a little daunting to new parents.  We aim to provide parents with information about how to get breastfeeding off to a great start.  This two-hour class will give you tools for your "toolbox" in a way that will not make you feel overwhelmed. Breastfeeding is natural, but that doesn't mean it always comes easily!...

Five Reasons to Schedule a Home Lactation Consultation

by: Adrienne Koznek, IBCLC  When breastfeeding problems arise, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is a key support person to overcoming them.  Trained in a wide array of issues (including mastitis, sore nipples, tongue tie, and supply concerns, among others), an IBCLC is considered the “Gold Standard” in lactation support. To that end, leaving the house in the early days postpartum can feel incredibly daunting.  Here are give reasons why new parents may want to consider calling an IBCLC for a lactation consult in their home. 1.        You just had a baby!  You are (definitely) tired, and (probably) sore and feeling overwhelmed to some degree.  The first few days, weeks, and even months of having a newborn ought to be treated as a time of healing and...

Hawthorn: an herb for the ages

Picture the year 40 in 1st century AD. Caligula is in charge of the Roman empire, failing to invade Britain.  Germanic tribes are beginning to settle in eastern Europe. The codex is beginning to replace the scroll.  There is an average age of thirty-five, though people of that time could and did live into their sixties, provided that they survived infancy, childbirth, and war. Approximately around then, Dioscorides was born. While Hippocrates is considered the father of modern medicine, Dioscorides of the first century is considered by both western European and Islamic medicine to be the father of drugs. Though, of course drugs as we think of them now didn’t exist back then- what he really did was develop a system for cataloguing reactions and...

Do You Have Postpartum Depression?

This is the story I see most often. Mom comes in and she’s tired. She feels like any attempt to take care of herself is either blocked by a screaming child or would be implausible because of other life factors. Eating has been a struggle. When kiddo (or kiddos) are sleeping, laying down would be nice but falling asleep is hard plus there’s all of this work that should be caught up on. The thought is actually overwhelming so what gets done is not a nap or the work, but mostly the repeated thought that if she could somehow just do more, “things” would be better. That’s why the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale has a question asking whether you blame yourself for things going wrong, and...

7 ways that Pokemon Go is helping your health

Nerds, listen up. There’s a new app on the market and so far (out of a very limited sampling bias of my personal friends who are pretty much just as nerdy as I am) 10 out of 10 doctors recommend it. It’s called Pokemon Go- and the premise of the game is that you need to get outside and walk. Ok, the actual premise of the game is an augmented reality that encourages you to catch little pokemon pocket monsters and then make them cooler than everyone else’s pokemon, but to do that you have to walk A LOT. And people are totally doing it! I was so pleased to see people playing it when I took the kids out for our normal stroll. The game has...


Five reasons to see an IBCLC

Even for the experienced mother, breastfeeding can come as a challenge in the early postpartum period.  For the mother who wants to breastfeed, early support from a professional is a huge key to success. Number 1: Your baby is having trouble latching This is a common early problem.  It can occur for a number of reasons.  Improving the latch may be as simple as having an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) show you some basic techniques that facilitate an ideal latch.  If you don't see improvement with adjustments, further evaluation may be needed. Number 2: Your nipples are sore and/or damaged  Transient tenderness in the very early stages of breastfeeding is not necessarily an indicator of a problem.  However, if the pain becomes more than you can bear...


Now Accepting New Patients

At five years old, I told my parents that I wanted to be a doctor, and despite some detours (music, zoology, event and party planning), I never grew out of it. There is nothing else in the world I could possibly do but be a doctor. After an internship focused on family medicine, midwifery, and pediatrics, I dreamed of changing the status quo of primary care. I wanted to find a way to have longer appointments, less rush- a family friendly space that could truly make a difference in the lives of the people who come through the doors. Fortunately, I was given an opportunity to make that space a reality. Vitality Natural Medicine is now a real clinic, opening in the SW metro area...


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