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Paced Bottle Feeding Method – Why Is This Important?

by: Adrienne Koznek, IBCLC With abysmal family leave policy in America, many new mothers and fathers find themselves returning to work outside the home sooner than they like.  For the breastfeeding mother, this brings up the question of how to continue their breastfeeding relationship.  The great news is - you CAN continue to breastfeed while working. An integral part to this will be how breast milk is given to the baby when mama is away.  This is where paced bottle feeding comes in. If you are the breastfeeding mother, you will want to share this information with any caregivers who will be feeding your baby while you are away.   What is Paced Bottle Feeding? Paced Bottle Feeding, or PBF, is a method of giving the baby a...


Fevers in 4 Steps

  What fevers are, How fevers work, When fevers are good, and What to do about fevers at home. by: Alicia Hart, ND I was all set to write something about the behavioral conditioning class I was supposed to teach before Snowmageddon 2016 set in… and then my twins came down with twin cases of erythema infectiosum aka fifths disease aka parvo. They’re both miserable, feverish, and not sleeping, which is pretty much par for the course with fifths and a 102.9 F fever. That’s when I thought that it might be more practical to talk about home care for fevers this week. Step 1: Fevers are NORMAL They are an adaptive response by your body to fight off an infection. Fevers are an important part of a normally function...


Alcohol and Breastfeeding – What You Need to Know

by: Adrienne Koznek, IBCLC and Alicia Hart, ND After abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy, many women are curious to find out when they can have a drink after the baby is born. There is quite a bit of misinformation regarding alcohol and breastfeeding, so I hope to clear some of it up. A question I often hear from nursing mothers is “is it safe to drink alcohol while breastfeeding?” The short answer is: generally, yes. There are, of course, caveats to this, as with most questions regarding infants. Above all things, you know your own body and your baby the best, so you do what you feel is best for you. If having a glass of wine over the holidays is something you desire, then consider the following: Think...


You’re siiiiiick: Cold and flu prevention for everyone

by: Stacie Wolfe, ND You wake up and know the score immediately. Your body is tired and crabby. Your head feels so packed full of mucus that you can barely breathe, which is rad considering that between struggles to suck oxygen in through your one semi-functional nostril you are coughing yourself in half. One eye is inexplicably watering and you can't do anything but whine for someone, anyone, to come feel sorry for you. Oh my dear reader, you have the cold or flu. Bummer. Both the common cold and influenza are transmitted from person to person via respiratory droplets. Which means that every time that person on the bus sneezes onto the pole instead of into a contained space, you run the risk of getting...

What should I eat while nursing? Polishing up that liquid gold.

by: Alicia Hart, ND As a culture we focus a lot on what people should or shouldn’t eat in pregnancy. No shellfish. No deli meat. No soft cheese. No coffee. The list goes on and on and on. When it comes to nursing babies, suddenly there’s a vacuum of knowledge for social supports, and information is really conflicting. Part of the reason for this is that it’s really hard to study diet in general, and a lot of nutritional studies have big flaws because of the complications of feeding people for research. Additionally, nutrition is only one of many factors that relates to a successful nursing relationship that lasts up to the 2 years that the WHO recommends. Fortunately, breast milk composition is much the same...


November 7th, 2016. Election Day Eve.

by: Alicia Hart, ND There is possibly only one thing that everyone in the country can agree on about this whole dumpster fire of an election season: This entire election season has been so stressful. Acute stress can be useful. Sympathetic nervous system changes our physiology in a number of ways. Our blood moves away from our digestive system and fills our muscles with oxygen and tension so that we can run. Visual motion tracking improves though acuity decreases, heart rate and blood pressure go up, our adrenal glands dump adrenaline and cortisol into our circulation, immune system initially tones down inflammation- everything you need to respond to a situation where you might need to run from tigers. Chronic stress isn’t as useful. Chronic high blood pressure doesn’t help...

Help! My Kid Won’t Eat 10 Do’s & Don’ts to Solve Mealtime Struggles

Guest blog by: Katharine Jeffcoat - pediatric nutritionist As our families march on towards the holidays, mealtime can become challenging for us all. For those of us with small children currently eating a limited diet, family meals can be especially stressful. I was talking to a local mama and pediatric nutritionist, Katharine Jeffcoat, recently about this conundrum and wouldn’t you know but she has already written a whole post of Do’s & Don’t’s for getting picky eaters on board. While some families still need expert help like Katharine’s to on board, her guide to helping selective eaters to broaden their palate is very useful. Read on for her take! At some point most parents will experience some type of picky eating behavior with their children (and if you don’t,...

The demons that possess us: wood betony and mental health

by: Stacie Wolfe, ND In the darkest corners of the brain lurks a being capable of growing beyond the confines of the skull. Dormant it sits, waiting patiently for the exact moment that stress, anxiety and exhaustion render us susceptible. The whispers begin, a tiny voice planting doubt, convincing you that even the most minute of mistakes are enormous life failings. You crawl under the blankets, feet tucked in so perhaps that brain monster can’t get you, at least not all the way. “Everything you do is pointless.” “It will only ever get worse.” “Your whole life is one giant mistake.” There are many plants we can look toward to soothe our minds and emotional hearts. When sitting down to write this post, I felt drawn to write of wood...

Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk? 5 Things To Look For

By: Adrienne Koznek, IBCLC New mothers are often concerned about making sure their baby is getting enough milk. While this is a common and understandable concern, it is often unfounded and can easily be answered by looking for certain signs. Here are some ways to know your baby is getting enough milk: Count diapers: in the first couple of days after birth, your newborn will have very few diapers.  After day 4, look for at least 3 bowel movements that are larger than a quarter.  This is a good sign that they are getting enough milk.  If babies aren’t eating enough, they will stop having bowel movements before they stop urinating.  As for wet diapers, keep your eyes out for at least 5 well-soaked diapers in...

Full Belly Fare – 10% Discount

Life has a way of getting overwhelmingly busy, whether that be a new baby or an unexpected medical issue. Full Belly Fare has you covered with home-delivered, healthy meals. If you mention Vitality NW when you place an order, and you will receive a 10% discount off your first order.  ...


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