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Feeding Babies: It’s not as complicated as you’re trying to make it.

Written by Alicia Hart, ND Story time, y’all. With my first kid, I totally did that handmade steamed single veggie puree, each new vegetable accompanied by a 3 day wait to look for reactions to the food. We fussed and he fussed and it was a terrible time of grinding up baby oats and adding spirulina to things that had no business having spirulina on them. Fast forward 3 years later: Girl twin started eating by stealing bacon off my plate while I was distracted by her brothers. Boy twin refused to eat for months after she started eating. I came back from taking recycling out one night to find my older kid feeding girl twin raw cookie dough (Holy Salmonella, batman!) and before a year we...

Breastfeeding Guide: Weaning Your Little One

Adrienne Koznek, IBCLC Breastfeeding is a journey, and may take on many different variations throughout its course.  For many mothers, the decision to wean is a highly emotional one.  Unfortunately, some mothers have to wean abruptly and unexpectedly for a number of reasons.  If this is the case, I highly recommend talking to an IBCLC about how to do this in a way that won’t compromise your health.  However, if your baby is no longer a baby and you’re ready to move on to another phase of life together, it can and should be done gently and with love and care. Weaning actually refers to the process of introducing anything other than breast milk.  Technically speaking, introducing solid foods is the beginning of the weaning process; however,...

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