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How do I know if I need pelvic floor physical therapy?

Patient story time: Once upon a time there was a woman who came in with a history of urinary incontinence from early childhood and continuing, worsened by the surgical birth of her first child. She had lived with shame and extra changes of clothes for years, and all that ever came of telling doctors was that she would just “have to live with it”. That’s not a terribly empowering thing to hear, so she kept searching. Along the way she found out that 90 % of women who deliver vaginally and 75% of women who deliver via cesarean had a problem called a “cystocele” which means that the bladder has fallen out of alignment and is hanging into the vagina a little bit. France has a...

Self-care strategies for a busy life

Adrienne Koznek, IBCLC As a mother to a young child who is also working outside the home, self-care is of the utmost importance - and often one of the first things to go out the window.  But you cannot pour from an empty cup, so we have to take care of ourselves to be our best selves. Here are a few things I like to do for myself when I need a refill: Warm beverages: I cannot start my day without a warm cup of tea or coffee.  I love the ritual of brewing, pouring, and stirring.  The moments I get (sometimes peace is included, sometimes not) while drinking a nice hot beverage prepare me for the day. Yoga: I make time to go to yoga 3...

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