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Why Should Men Go To The Doctor?

Dr. Bob here! I wrote this post as an answer to a question I’ve been asked many times. Now that I take most kinds of insurance, it’s time for me to start reaching out to the Vitality Community to see how I can help expand our reach. The first place I want to start is with a direct challenge to men. Why should you go to the doctor? (note: This article is written from a cis-gendered heterosexual perspective, mostly aimed at cis-gendered men, but I recognize how complicated gender truly is and believe part of the issue is the dichotomy our culture pushes. The football player vs. the cheerleader dynamic of gender is a huge problem) When I joined Vitality NW as a practitioner, one of my goals was...

Clinic FAQs: 7 things to know about being a patient at Vitality NW.

Here's some stuff we'd love for everyone to know about being here. [caption id="attachment_4016" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Many learning! Much Fact![/caption] Scheduling: You can call the office at 503-344-1345 or schedule online at vitalitynw.com/schedule-appointment. Calls, emails, and online scheduling are returned in order of medical priority. New patient visits are 90 minutes long. Follow ups are generally 45 minutes. Please let us know if you have a time constraint that requires a quick visit, or if you're particularly worried about an exam due to past trauma or discomfort and may need more time. I can combine family visits for some amalgamation of those times, but kids do get a bit restless after the second hour in the office. I am not worried about your menstrual cycle or your...

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