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We provide a variety of lactation services and support including initial assessments, follow-up appointments, and prenatal visits.

Initial assessments include: health history, observe mother/infant feeding, oral evaluation and assessment, breast assessment, weight gain/growth chart tracking, development of plan and referrals if needed.

Follow-up appointments include: evaluate current plan, make adjustments as necessary, follow up on referrals and weight check.

Prenatal visits include breast assessment, anticipatory guidance, problem-solving initial barriers to breastfeeding,  if applicable (history of infertility, previous history of breastfeeding issues, history of breast surgery, etc).


  • Breast assessments
  • Oral evaluation and assessment to identify any oral anomalies
  • Infant assessment to identify body tightness, torticollis, facial asymmetry
  • Identifying and determining possible causes of low milk supply
  • Developing supplementation plans if necessary and follow up to wean off of supplementation plans
  • Weight gain and proper growth tracking
  • Use of supplemental feeding devices
  • Identifying when referrals are needed
  • Aiding in healing nipple/breast damage, mastitis
  • Breastfeeding and returning to work
  • Pumping, storage of breast milk

When to refer to IBCLC:

  • Suspected low milk supply (perceived or real), milk supply support
  • Trouble latching or staying latched
  • Supplementation support
  • Mother has concerns about nipples and/or breasts
  • Nipple/breast soreness, damage
  • Infant is slow to gain/weight faltering
  • Support with introducing solid foods
  • Support with weaning
  • Questions about breastfeeding and work
  • Questions about breastfeeding and medication compatibility
  • Breastfeeding after stay in NICU
  • General breastfeeding support
  • Support with pumping breast milk

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