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Now Accepting Patients in Bridgeport Village

Vitality NW is a primary care clinic in Bridgeport Village. We focus on treating you as a whole patient, not just a diagnosis code, while actively practicing preventative and educational medicine.

A Note from Dr. Alicia Hart

We believe that families work best when health care is put back into their hands – because every patient is different, and you are the only expert on you.

Treating the cause and not just the symptoms is our goal for every patient, from the 3-day old newborn to the 100 year old grandfather. At every stage, we use individualized medicine to help you be the healthiest that you can be.


Our Clinic Services

Family Medicine

Family medicine is the core of every primary care clinic. We are happy to help you with wherever you’re at in your health journey – managing your blood sugar or blood pressure, helping your arthritis…

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Starting a family is a big step, and planning ahead can make the process smoother. Let’s work together to optimize your wellness! We can work through any habits you may need to alter…

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Integrative care can truly make the difference during pregnancy. Access to nutrition, remedies for the common complaints of pregnancy that don’t involve the over the counter medications…

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B Vitamin Injections

B vitamins can be a bit of a diva- they need specific food sources, fussy pH levels, and just the right protein carriers to get in to your blood system…

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Hydrotherapy is an ancient therapy which uses the contraction and dilation of blood vessels to help bring more blood flow…

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Mental Health

Navigating mental health concerns can be an overwhelming task. From feelings of isolation to those of anxiety…

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Transgender Care

Everyone has the right to go through this life feeling safe and comfortable in their skin. For folks who identify outside of cis-binary gender, we offer medical care from lab testing to referral for surgical procedures…

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Trauma-Informed Gynecology

Gynecology care can be an uncomfortable experience for many, especially following a traumatic event…

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Putting Healthcare Back In Your Hands

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